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Dumpster handling

Dumpsters are used for collecting waste, or for gathering recycling and remains in production facilities. Symmetrical and asymmetrical dumpsters with 3.0, 5.5, 7.0 and 10.0 m³ are commonplace.

Dumpsters have to be brought from filling point to collection in constrained space as you will often find in waste-water treatment facilities. This is where dumpster-handling equipment comes into the picture, and is available in the following types:


We manufacture dumpster rail carriages in a modular design. This gives you special benefits:

  • Short delivery periods for standard designs.
  • Loading height only 240 mm above the rail, or only 230 mm without sheet-metal cover panels.
  • The loading area and height are the same for all forms of movement.
  • The even loading area is easy to clean.
  • Detachable dumpster guide strips accommodate overlength equipment and material handling where necessary.
  • The carriage can easily be adapted for ratchet, hand-crank or electric motorisation with the appropriate components to accommodate altered operating conditions. All of the necessary drilled holes are available.
  • Loaded dumpsters can be moved on horizontal rails by ratchet or hand crank.
  • Ratchet and hand-crank mechanisms are fitted for easy operation to lock the carriage securely in any position - no additional brakes or locking mechanisms necessary.
  • If a part should bend due, for example, to a mishap in laying the dumpster, the part can be screwed off for repair, or a new component can be fitted.
  • A turntable with or without motorisation can be retrofitted; the frame has been prefitted for the purpose. This will increase the loading area height by only 230 mm.


The limitless turning area can be limited by mechanical or electric means.

Turntables with two or more positionscan accommodate one or more reserve dumpsters, even in varying sizes.

  • Square base with supports for plugging on
  • Powerful slewing bearing with sealed gap
  • Platform with detachable guides for dumpsters
  • Cover in embossed anti-slip sheet metal, embossed aluminium quintet anti-slip sheet metal available

Movement system

  • None
  • Hand crank
  • Geared brake motor
  • Hydraulic
    (Flood-proof, explosion-protected)

Lifts and inclinced lifts

The variety of lifts and inclined lifts to be adapted to local conditions prevents any form of standardisation. Lifts are hydraulically powered, whereas inclined lifts use electric cable-pull systems.

However, all types can be combined according to requirement. Tell us where you want your dumpster to go, and we will deliver the handling solution.