Maintenance and servicing

We file every project with a full set of project specifications for every Screen Cleaning Machine we supply. Every service-team member takes this file with them on any field repair or servicing job, and the file is always kept updated with any work or alterations we have carried out on your rig. This means that you can always rely on us and our telephone support if any issues should arise with your Screen Cleaning Machine. You are welcome to use our service hotline.

Replacement parts

Since each project file rests on a specific Screen Cleaning Machine, we can immediately find out which spare parts are needed. We even have replacement parts on stock for rigs installed back in the sixties. Our service vehicles are equipped with a large selection of parts to ensure that any unknown issues with your rig can be resolved without requiring a second tour by our service staff.

Accident-prevention testing

We have trained and qualified staff for repeat testing on Screen Cleaning Machines according to the German BGV D6 accident-prevention regulations. On concluding a service agreement, we will take responsibility for compliance with the statutory testing periods, including annual servicing according to the manual.