We have qualified welders, technical facilities and utilities for a range of welding jobs:




Manual arc weldingISO 4063-111Steel, stainless steel
MAG weldingISO 4063-135Steel
MAG welding with cored wire electrodeISO 4063-136Stainless steel
Tungsten MIG weldingISO 4063-141Stainless steel, aluminium
MIG weldingISO 4063-131Aluminium


qualification of zhe manufacturer class E according to DIN 18800-7.

certified welders for processes: 111, 131, 135, 141.

base of an advertising display
stainless steel grab
eye plates
aluminum hatches
surface aerator

3-roll profile bending machine

Bending power

square steel60 x 60 bei Ø 1000 mm
flat steel100 x 40bei Ø 600 mm

For other profiles please inquire.

Hydraulic press

pressure100 Tonnen
retraction force30 Tonnen
table width1300 mm
aperture width1480 mm
aperture height1000 mm