Skips, hereinafter referred to as dumpsters, are used for the collection of waste or, in production facilities, of recyclable and residual materials. Symmetrical and asymmetrical containers with a capacity of 3.0, 5.5, 7.0 and 10.0 m³ are widely used.

In narrow conditions, as often found in wastewater treatment plants, the containers must be moved from the filling position to the collection position. For this purpose, dumpster moving devices with the following designs are used:


We manufacture the dumpster rail carriages in a modular system. This gives the user significant advantages:

  • Short delivery times for standard designs.
  • Loading height only 240 mm above rail, without sheet metal cover only 230 mm.
  • Identical dimensions of the loading area and loading height for all drive types.
  • Easy cleaning due to the continuous flat loading area.
  • Dismountable guides for dumpster allow, if necessary, also overhanging machine and material transports.
  • Uncomplicated conversion of the running gear with corresponding kits to ratchet, hand crank or electric drive for adaptation to changed operating conditions.
  • Safe moving of loaded dumpsters by means of ratchet or hand crank drive on horizontally laid rails.
  • The ratchet and hand crank drive is equipped with a robust and easy to operate device to reliably block the carriage in any position. No additional brake or locking device is required!
  • Bent or damaged parts can be unscrewed for straightening or replaced by a new component.
  • A turntable (with or without drive) can be retrofitted; the frame is prepared accordingly. The loading area increases by only 230 mm.


Turntables with two or more parking spaces allow the provision of one or more – even differently sized – reserve containers.

  • square substructure of beams for plugging in
  • strong ball bearing slewing ring with sealed bearing gap
  • platform with removable guides for containers
  • cover made of bulb plate or aluminum quintet nipple plate


  • without
  • crank handle
  • transmission brake motor
  • optional: flood-proof, explosion-proof

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