Water scoop and pumping stations, waste-water and sewage treatment facilities, hydroelectric power plants and dam and reservoir installations have been using screen-cleaning equipment from Apparatebau Münster GmbH since 1950. Over 1200 machines are at work using the same tried and trusted principle – screenings are gathered in one fell swoop in front of the screen down to the bed, and transported directly to a dumpster or screening dump.


The carriage travels in a narrow path supported above the screen using beam and frame supports. The brake motor ensures precise movement of the carriage in either direction. There are two independent slack cable control integrated into the two separate cable drums in the hoist, eliminating the need for rollers turning against the cables.

The asymmetric grab consisting of a prong carrier with fixed prongs and a hydraulically controlled swivelling collecting basket is suspended on the two cables. A compact hydraulic motor in the carriage supplies the hydraulic fluid, and is connected to the actuators on the grab by a double hose.


  1. The carriage moves over the screen, the hoist motor is switched on and the grab is lowered.
  2. The grab prongs slide between the screen elements. Limiters prevent the grab catching behind the cross-members in the screen.
  3. The descending grab collects the screenings from the water surface to the bed.
  4. Once the grab arrives at the bed, the grab closes and the hoist motor is switched on.
  5. Once it has reached its upper position, the hoist motor is switched off and the traction motor is switched on.
  6. The grab opens above the screenings dump to allow the screenings to fall. After that, the carriage travels back to the screen for cleaning to continue.

Please find further information about our screen cleaning machines on the pages quality features and type overview.

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