On the conventional universal lathes, we produce turned parts of all kinds, even single pieces. For example, we rework brake drums and clutch disks of commercial vehicles.
The powerful CNC lathe is specially equipped: With driven tools, for example, bolt circles are created, radial blind holes with threads are drilled, grooves and curves are milled.

Conventional machining

Swing diameter over bed 720 mm
Swing diameter over the slide 430 mm
Swing diameter of the bed crank 960 mm
Useful length of the bed crank 300 mm
Center height over bed 355 mm
Turning length 3970 mm

CNC machining

Swing diameter 680 mm
Turning diameter 465 mm
Turning length 1000 mm

For customers in a hurry, we stock a selection of bright steel, thick-walled tubes and gunmetal.


The CNC universal milling machine is equipped with an automatic changer for 24 tools.

5 axes machining

Table surface 1250 x 700 mm
Max. load 650 kg
X-axis 880 mm
Y-axis 630 mm
Z-axis 630 mm


The vertical broaching machine is equipped for the inside broaching of grooves according to DIN 6885. Broaching needles for grooves with a width of up to 20 mm are available.

Three rolls sheet metal round bending machine

with cone bending device, size on request.

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